Embedded System Training

Techie Solutions is recognized as leading Embedded System designing, developing and training provider company of India. Techie Solutions develops Embedded Systems for medical devices, automobile, electronics, home purposes and security sectors. Techie Solutions develops new devices and also provide support on existing devices.

Our services are in following categories:

  1. New Product Development
  2. Re Development and Re Engineering of existing
  3. Product Support and Life Cycle Enhancement
  4. Testing and Verification

Processors:  ATMEGA 8, 16, 32 , ARM, CORTEX

Programming Technique: Embedded C, C Plus Plus

Techie Solutions also gives opportunity to learn embedded systems. Techie Solutions training program covered:

  • Basic C
  • Hardware Design
  • Introduction of Basic Electronics Components
  • Tools, Simulator, Debugging, Emulator
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Projects

After completion of Training programme student should be added to:

  • Design and Develop Embedded Projects
  • Students will be able design and develop their projects
  • Students can innovate projects based on Embedded Systems

To join training programme on Embedded System please contact to Techie Solutions or feel free to write us on info@techiesolutions.in






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