Technolgies for Kids

                                      Technologies for KIDS 


Techie Solutions  started a training programme for Kids. We have complete training module for all types kids which help them to understand technologies. Our Syllabus starts from basics to advance level. Our the objective to make the students to learn theoretical concepts with real applications. 

Our training programmes have following features:

i. Introduction of Basic Technologies and Applications

ii. Demonstration of Technologies and Their Applications

iii. Introduction of Basic Electronics Components

iv. Introduction of Programming Languages

  1.      Machine Level Language
  2.       C Language
  3.       Website Designing and Blog

v.   Practical Design

  1. Power Supply Design
  2. LED Pattern Design 
  3. Solar Boat
  4. Line Follower
  5. Automatic Vehicle
  6. Water Level Controllers
  7. Application Relays
  8. LCD Display 
  9. LCD and Keyboard Intrefacing

 vi-  Techie’s Competition

vii- Membership of Techie Techno Club

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