Techie Solutions renowned IT service provider. Techie Solutions services widely spread in different arena. Techie Solutions dedicately works to provide simplest solution of comlex business applications. Some Techie Solutions services are highlighted:

    1. Website Design:


    2. Mobile Application Development

    3. Software Development Training

  1. Software Testing

     Techie Solutions provide quality solutions for your Software products. Techie Solutions regressively test your application again requirements, end user prospective and also covers all possible scenarios, regression using 100% data coverage. Techie QA team work very closely with Client Team to achieve client’s satisfaction. Techie team also analyze client’s propose changes to enhance and optimization of applications.

  2. Software Testing Training (Manual, Automation and QTP)

    Software Testing Training (Manual, Automation and QTP) with exposure various Automation and Testing Tools. Our training module covers various domain Banking, Health and Welfare, Electronics, Automobile and Telecom.

  3. Embedded Systems

Techie Solutions provide complete solutions of versatile automated embedded system. : Techie Solutions have unique talented team which develops very reliable systems with core technical competence.


MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. MATLAB is known as Graphical Calculator. Techie Solutions team simply using this tool in various applications. Techie Solutions uses MATLAB in Communication Engineering projects, Computer Science Projects, Audio Processing, Power Improvements, Mechanical and Civil Engineering projects. Techie Solutions completed various project using MATLAB. Some projects are Power Line Communication, PAPR Reduction in OFDM, Vision Based Robot, Character Recognition, Text to Audio Converter and FACE Recognition System. Techie Solutions team passionately working on many innovation projects and also on research papers. Recently, Techie Solutions team decided to start Training and Internship Program for students and professionals. Contact to our support team for MATLAB projects, assistance or training. Also feel free to write us on


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