MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. MATLAB is very powerful computer applications which is widely used all engineering disciplines and also in Natural sciences. MATLAB have rich built in functions also very easy to develop new functions (user defined functions). Initially, MATLAB is used as Graphical Calculator but later its usability extended in complex engineering problems. MATLAB is developed and maintan by Mathworks. MATLAB is very flexible tool and based upon vectors and matrices is one’s solution. Also MATLAB is to write a dedicated programming using Visual Basics or C. Program written in High Level Language to solve complex problems will run faster than MATLAB but on other side takes much time to write and debug.

Techie Solutions team is focusing on smart use this tool in various engineering applications. Techie Solutions uses MATLAB in Communication Engineering projects, Computer Science Projects, Audio Processing, Power Improvements, Mechanical and Civil Engineering projects. Techie Solutions completed various project using MATLAB. Some projects are Power Line Communication, PAPR Reduction in OFDM, Vision Based Robot, Character Recognition, Text to Audio Converter and FACE Recognition System. Techie Solutions team passionately working on many innovation projects and also on research papers. Recently, Techie Solutions is providing training on MATLAB for students and professionals. Techie Solutions also runs some special short term courses ( 6 weeks, 3 Months and 6 Months) for Diploma and engineering graduates.

Main objective of MATLAB curriculum are:

  1. Introduction of MATLAB
  2. MATLAB Environment
  3. Built In MATLAB Functions
  4. Manipulating MATLAB Matrices
  5. Plotting
  6. User-Defined Functions
  7. User-Controlled Input and Output
  8. Logical Functions and Control Structures
  9. Matrix Algebra
  10. Other Kinds of Arrays
  11. Symbolic Mathematics
  12. Numerical Techniques
  13. Advanced Graphics
  14. Image Processing Toolbox and applications
  15. Communication System Toolbox and applications
  16. Simulations and realization of various Projects


After completion of MATLAB course Student should be able:

  • Apply computer methods for solving complex engineering problems.
  • Students will be able to use MATLAB with full efficiency. He can use built in functions as well create own functions.
  • Data analysis, plotting and interpretations
  • Students can approach all technical problems in more technical manner.
  • Students can design Vision based Application and having expertise of Image processing Toolbox.


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