Internship with Techie Solutions

No more search for Internship,here are the great opportunties for students to  complete internships on live projects and in real time industrial enviornment. Providing highly skilled man power is primary responsibility of Techie Solutions and for this Techie Solutions also offers Internship programme for Trainee and students. Theoretical and Lab Sessions gives complete concepts and idea about technologies but Internship and industrial assignments sharpen Trainee Skills. Techie Solutions offers their students to join Internship program. Techie Solutions have different team which working that works on various types of projects and each team have some capacity to absorb trainees and give opportunities to work with them. Techie’s Internship program designed to set best career path. If you like to join Techie Solutions Internship programs then contact to executives or share your resume of

Techie Solutions brings internships opportuntities in following areas:


  1. Embedded System Development  and Testing
  2. Circuit Designing (Analog and Electronics)
  3. Website Designing
  4. Content Writing and Search Engine Optimizations
  5. Software Testing (Automation and Manual Testing)


Apart from above Techie Solutions, support various innovative projects of Students !! 





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