Future of Software Industry

From last few months, everyone talking about Automation impact on job destruction.  This is fact, Most of our work is automatable. Core coding is done by automated tools, repated steps are automated. Driverless Car is introduced, Petrol pump, resturants and Bank are run without human. Jobs are reducing with significant. Approximately 30% jobs going to be reduce in next few years. Some top companies like Aon, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, HDFC and many more started lay off. They plan to reduce their staff by 5%. In India, aproximately, 18000 people going to be jobless due to Automation.

Here is top jobs of 2017



Previously, Automation is used by 20% in project and remaining part is manual but these days Automation is approximately 60% in maximum projects. Before this time manual manipulation was required to run machine. But no human instructions are required for Machine. Or we can say Machine become smarter.



Now this time everyone have question, what will be the future of Software Industries. Which type of jobs going to be diminished and which jobs will be going to emerge. Techie Solutions collected some facts and presenting facts about future jobs.

Below jobs will be futuristic jobs in IT Industries

  • Data analyst: Huge data is generated by technology disruption. Data Analyst job will be most demanding job by 2020.

  • Data Scientist

    Software Development: Application Developer, Mobile application development and graphics designer jobs will be still demanig jobs.

  • Computer and Mathematical Architecture: Nobody going to reduce importance of mathematics and computer. Software Architecture and mathematical jobs will be still demoing jobs
  • Domain Specialist Sales Job: No one  can sale product without strong knowledge of product. So domain is very essential for all type of products. As a sale prospective, Domain Specialist sales man job will be demanding.
  • Senior Managers: Industries ripe for disruption will also need a new type of senior manager to help companies navigate the rough waters of change, the report states. Industries that will need these new type of senior managers include media, entertainment, and information, according to the report.
  • Product Designers: Have you ever thought about Automation. It can be done only for monotonous and repetitive jobs. But no technology can replace creative and All creative and innovative jobs are still as it is.
  • Human Resource and talent Development Specialist: At the time when technological and socio-economic changes will cause few jobs to disappear completely, there will also be a new jobs created and people needed to fill them. One way companies are planning on dealing with finding the talent needed for new jobs is by training existing employees with new skill sets. In fact, according to the report, 65% of respondents said that they are investing in reskilling current employees.

So development specialists and human resource professionals will be needed not only for hiring in a competitive market, but they will also be needed to help employees develop new skill sets.

  • Government Relations Specialist: As companies adopt and develop emerging technologies, they will also be looking to hire those familiar with how to navigate the legal side of things. For example, as traditional automakers and tech companies both develop driverless cars, they are also hiring people to understand the relevant laws and to work with government regulators in figuring out the best way to implement the technology.At the end, we can say surely automation will impact on jobs but we  techies can save themselves  by learn new technologies, adopt more domain knowledge and add more creativity in their jobs.Techie Solutions takes initiative to leverage professionals with futuristic technologies and domain. Stay tuned with us.
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