Unity is Strength

During school days we read many stories about unity and its power. But this is very strong example which force me share and promote. Hope you like to read.

Everyone knew about ” Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya”, these schools are run by Indian government and operated in all districts of India. Words are less for appreciation to their teachers and students. Great thing I find about these schools is unity. All schools are properly connected students treats each other like family ember. In short we can say these schools not only teaching also developing helping nature among students and its good for India unity.



You don’t need money to help others, you need heart to help others.


Pain is pain but if some people stands with you it gives great encouragement. This is the case of young lad who is suffering with cancer and hopes are vanishing. This are worsening , costlier treatment and care. No government caring hospitals or need some political support for a bed hospital. These problems are almost broke to their parents. But the Navadaya Vidyalaya community stands with their family collecting charity , supporting their family in terms of facility arrangement. It’s wonderful opportunity to interact with those helping people those people changed me a lot  and gives very useful message me to. I get way to aspire dream.

At last, Iike to say to thanks all those people who unite for cause. We all should unite and start working for some noble cause. 

Techie Solutions salutes to all helping souls.


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