Magneti Marelli Interview Experience

Our main aim to placement of our trainees in reputed organization and we are working for ensure to every trainee have secure and growth oriented job. So we felt that interview experiences of our candidate help other candidates. In this context, our first interview of our candidate with Magneti Mareli.

Job Description: Job Description_ magenti

Experience Required : 5 Years (Automotive Domain)


Magneti Marelli India Pvt. Ltd.

1st Floor CP – 1, Anant Raj Tech Park,Sector 8,

IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana-122051, India.


Interview Questions:

Q1: Brief about your professional journey ?

Q2: Tell about your embedded and Automotive Projects

Q3: Asked about some universal gate and give some circuit to implement by NAND Gate( F = AB+CD   Implement this by NAND Gate)

Q4: What is the differnce beteen Verification and Validation Methodology and Water Fall.

Q4: What is Regression Testing ?

Q5: What are difference between Regression and Sanity Testing?

Q6: What are the methods used for Test Case Design ?

Q7: What is RZ and NRZ ?

Q8: What is CSMA ?

Q9: What is CAN ?

Q10: What is the difference between Conditional and Decision Testing ?

Q11: What is Statement Coverage ?

Q12: What is PWM and where it is used ??

Q13: Which type of Memory used in Embedded System ?

Q14: Which memmory is fastest ?

Q13: Which type of gate is used in Flash Memory ?

Q14: What is RTOS and give some example of RTOS?

Q15: What is difference between Functional Testing and System Testing?

Q16: What is NAND Flash  ?

Q17: Tell something about Magneti Marelli ?

Q18: What is watch dog timer ??

Q19: Any more questions from Embedded and Electronics. 

Interview duration was aproximately 45 min. Mostly they asked from resume. 

If you are going for interview then :

- Prepare Embedded C

- Wireless Protocols

- Previous Projects

If you feel above interview experience helps you and if you also like to share your interview question with us. Then mail us on



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